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How many calories per day should we consume?

How many Calories should I eat per day?

A question that is dangerous to ask Google:

“In the light of the latest scientific data, how many calories per day do you need to consume?”

For the first time the term “calorie” was used by the Swedish physicist Johann Wilke. Then the term was widely used in assessing the amount of heat produced by various heat installations, for example, a steam boiler.

Almost in parallel, calorie has become the measure of the energy value of foods absorbed by humans. About insulting sense of concept of calories very few people thought: Homo Sapiens equated to any technical device devouring food! And forgot about this in vain. Taking advantage of the gluttony of man, today calorie has turned into a world evil, which spares neither old nor small.

So what is the rate of safe consumption of calories?

The paradox, the most simple questions today it became difficult to answer … because of the abundance of information. Here are some of the answers in our interpretation

  1. The daily rate of calories per day depends on many factors, of which the most important are the sex, age and lifestyle of a person. Women should consume per day in 2000-2,300 calories (their number should be reduced with age), provided that they lead an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle means the predominance of movement over the seat and a minimum of 30 minutes per day of physical education or running. Men on the same conditions can absorb 2300 – 2800 calories.
  2. Recommended calorie intake varies from country to country. According to the National Health Service of the UK NHS, an adult male with a medium build needs about 2500 calories a day to keep his weight constant, a woman needs 2000 calories. The US authorities recommend consuming 2,700 calories a day for a man and 2,200 for a woman
  3. Recommendations for nutrition. An important role is assigned to the frequency of food intake. In the US, a national survey of food consumers was conducted, 3,182 American adults were examined. Americans are difficult to recommend as a sample of the correct calorie intake, but on the frequency of food they are slightly different from those in other developed countries: an average of 3.47 times a day. In France, constantly emphasize the harmfulness of snacks between basic meals.
  4. It should be noted that against the background of the upcoming total dominance of the Internet over the minds as a source of information, not all of its services are at their best. In particular, it surprises the unreliability, and sometimes the inconsistency of the information from Wikipedia. In this regard, the Russian Wikipedia can be identified as a champion.


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