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The creator of the theory of stress, did not like the word “stress”

Ганс Селье

Hans Selye. Selye was born in Vienna in 1907. Physician-biologist. The first was educated at the Medical Faculty in Prague, then continued his studies in Rome and Paris. In 1932 he emigrated to Canada. In 1936 he created the theory of stress. In this theory Selye explicitly avoids the simple word “stress”, calling it a concept of “adaptation syndrome.”

Selye formulated the concept of stress, while he considered physiological stress in response to any of the charges the body requirements and believed that whatever difficulty or facing the body, it can handle two types of reactions: the active, or struggle, or passive, in the form of escapism difficulties or willingness to tolerate them. Selye stress is not considered harmful, but regarded it as a response that helps the body to survive.

He also introduced the concept of adaptation diseases. He called negative stress and distress positive stress – eustress. By the nature of the impact of release of neuro-psychic, heat or cold (temperature), light, hunger and other stresses (irradiation etc). Whatever the stress, “good” or “bad”, emotional or physical (or both simultaneously), its impact on the body has a general non-specific features. The theory of stress is quite complicated even for experts, biologists, and for good reason Hans Selye called “the Einstein of biology.”

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