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The doctor who find how to change the eye color

Голубые глаза Грегга Хомера

Gregg Homer, doctor, who developed a new technology to change eye color.

It works in California Stroma Medical health campaign. He proposed a new technique for changing eye color with a laser beam based on the removal of a thin layer of brown pigment melanin contained in the surface layers of the iris. The less melanin, the lighter eyes. Minimum melanin – blue eyes.

The implementation of this delicate operation requires an indissoluble union of the computer – laser. The computer is a special card points, each of which is sequentially (one after another) affect the laser beam. After about 30 seconds of the unwanted pigment layer removed.

How it works? The energy of the laser beam of a specific wavelength is absorbed by the melanin, the pigment is heated and breaks down the structure. The body, it is now seen as damaged and naturally will be displayed. After one to three weeks eye color will be blue. The end result will evaluate the patient in a month.

The technique of Dr. Homer – experimental. According to some reports, he has no patent for the invention. Very little is known about the negative aspects of the invention. There is only one thing: if you wish to make from the blue eyes darker, it will not be possible, the clarification process is irreversible eye.

How it affects the severity of the operation, if photophobia etc. Is unknown there. We’ll wait.

The ability to break down melanin after absorption of laser energy has long been known. This effect is the basis of the removal of age spots and freckles. The destruction of the hair follicles in the laser hair removal is also based on laser heating the hair melanin.

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