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The doctor who invented the word STRESS

Уолтер Кэннон (Walter Bradford Cannon)

Contrary to popular belief, the term “stress” has entered into the everyday life is not a Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye, who formulated the concept of stress, as the answer to all the charges the body requirements, and the American physiologist Walter Cannon (Walter Bradford Cannon) about 1932, and the Hans Selye long time avoid “stress” use of the term, and only in 1946 Selye began systematically to use the term “stress” for general adaptive voltage

Cannon was born in the United States in 1871, he enrolled at Harvard Medical School and received his doctorate in medicine. In the laboratory, the school Cannon spent all his research.

Cannon has studied human physiological reactions in response to emotional (fear, anger, and so on. P.) And physical (eg, weight lifting) stimuli. These responses he has defined the term STRESS, from the English word meaning “power”.

For a long time, Walter studied the concept of emotion James-Lange and based on this concept, rather in opposition to it, Cannon coined the term homeostasis (1929), is considered to be its principal and significant contribution to science

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