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Мода для молодых: инъекции в губы

Hyaluronic acid in the lips

The hyaluronic acid injections in the lips redraw the mouth to make it more meaty and erase the marks of aging.     indications     Technical     Suites     Results     Price Make an appointment online Contact us by email hyaluronic acid in the lips Indications: Improve the appearance of the lips With injections of hyaluronic acid in the lips, it is possible:     Increase the volume of lips too thin.     Blur the vertical wrinkles around the mouth.     Moisturize lips.     Correct asymmetry of the mouth. When the wrinkles of the upper lip are very marked, can be combined with injections of other techniques such as Fraxel laser or peel.   Make an appointment for a consultation hyaluronic acid   The course of the session The session lasts only ten minutes. The injections are generally painful because little hyaluronic acid for the lip contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic. If the person is very sensitive, we apply an anesthetic cream beforehand. The doctor begins by removing makeup, then disinfects the lips. Then, using an ultra-fine needle with a rounded end, it injects the product directly into the lip beneath the surface of the skin. In the mouth, it uses a fluid gel texture that perfectly fits the shape of the lips without exaggerating the swelling effect. It gradually changes the volume by redrawing the hem and the contours of the lips and the philtrum and the bow of Cupid. To erase small perioral wrinkles, the doctor prefers the technique of surface lapping, of dividing the product range to tighten the skin. The suites There is at most a little redness and swelling in the treated areas for several hours. To reduce swelling, apply ice directly after the meeting. Sometimes there are little blue. But these disappear in a few days and are easy to cover up with lipstick. Business recovery is immediate. The results They are immediately visible. Due to its mobility, the lip is a place where hyaluronic acid is absorbed rather quickly. We must renew the injections every eight months. The increased volume of the mouth is naturally hornless effect duck. If necessary when the swelling has completely disappeared, the doctor may do a little editing session for a perfectly balanced outcome.

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