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The scientist who discovered the blood groups

Nobel laureates

Karl Landsteiner. Born June 14, 1868 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. Died June 26, 1943 in New York, USA. Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Nobel Prize in 1930.
115 years ago I published an article Ueber Agglutinationserscheinungen normalen menschlichen Blutes. That she glorified Karl Landsteiner, earned him the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and saved most lives in the history of one of the counts, opening the way to a blood transfusion.

In 1900, Landsteiner, then assistant of the Vienna Institute of Pathology, took blood from himself and five of its employees, and separate serum from the red blood cells c centrifuge and mixed samples of individual red blood cells with serum of different individuals with their own. According to the presence or absence of agglutination Landsteiner divided all the blood samples into three groups: A, B and 0. Two years later, students Landsteiner discovered the fourth blood group – AB. Drawing attention to the fact that their own blood serum does not give agglutination with “their” red blood cells, scientists have concluded, known today as the immutable rule Landsteiner: “In humans, blood group antigens (agglutinogen) and antibodies thereto (agglutinins) never co-exist” .

Blood Groups is opened by Karl Landsteiner. And he received his Nobel Prize thirty years after to find out exactly why the blood of one person may not work for another. The wording of the Nobel Committee, “for his discovery of human blood groups.”

In 1976, the International Astronomical Union has appropriated the name of Karl Landsteiner crater on the visible side of the Moon

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