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Surgeons have a steady hand and a healthy psyche

Ученые и их странности

Believe it or check it:
Surgeons should have a steady hand and a healthy psyche – it is logical.
But many in the natural sciences in this regard is not so simple, according to the biographies of these people.

Here are some examples

Alan Turing (1912 – 1954)
One of the ancestors of the computer age, the scientific work of Turing gave a powerful impetus to the development of a new science – computer science. Turing introduced an abstract mathematical concept of equivalent algorithm, or a computable function, received then the name “Turing machine”. It was a device project, which has all the basic features of a modern information system: management software, memory, and a step by step course of action. “Turing machine” opened a discussion on the theory of automata and created a theoretical basis for digital computers, which appeared in the 1940s. On the basis of Turing cryptanalysis “Enigma” machine algorithm to encrypt messages, which were used by German military, decryption “Bomba” machine was built in 1940. She deciphered the numerous reports of the Germans: thanks to her British learned of the plans for the invasion of the USSR and on the activities of German submarines during the operation. But the most famous scientists brought the Turing test, which allows to evaluate artificial intelligence and his ability to think human-like.

But in real life?
Turing could ride around the city on a bicycle in a gas mask as he was allergic to pollen. He came to work in the jacket of the pajamas, then gird rope. Weather he was not paying attention and could come to the Institute wet to the skin, and then dry things in a laboratory treater oven. Turing was indifferent to women. When the authorities found out about the orientation of the scientist, he was sentenced to chemical castration. The consequences of this verdict was terrible: he was suspended from work with ciphers, deprived of security clearance, and by the injection of the drug, which consisted of female hormones, it started to grow breasts, and Alan was embarrassed to go to the people, all this has brought Turing to suicide : Turing vsprysnul cyanide in apple bite which he died. They also say that it is bitten apple found on the nightstand Turing was a “prototype” the emblem of the famous Apple computer company, it is known that Alan Turing was the idol Steve Jobs.

John Nash FOBS (1928 – 2015)

American mathematician, winner of the Nobel Prize in economics for a decisive contribution to the development of the theory of games.
But in real life?
The lectures, which he read, he could be distracted and talk about the messages aliens, government conspiracies and the communist underground. To celebrate the New Year once he was in diapers and all evening portrayed a baby. Nash refused to become dean of the faculty of mathematics, saying that he had no time for nonsense – he is preparing to become the emperor of Antarctica. Finally I got into a psychiatric clinic, where he treated her a bit. The Nobel Prize was awarded to him much later, however, the Swedish academicians did not dare invite him to read a traditional lecture in Stockholm.


Bakmister Fuller (1895 – 1983)
A brilliant architect and inventor. Author of books on the theory of systems that are understandable only to specialists. Developed cars and buildings futuristic concept (he called them “Dymaxion cars” and “Dymaxion houses”).
But in real life?
For some reason, he wore on his arm three a couple of hours tuned to different time zones, it necessarily had to know what time it is on the other side of the Earth. He slept for two hours a day, called it his new invention, the “Dymaxion sleep” and tried (without much success) to introduce such a fashion among colleagues.
Fuller kept a diary, which has entered every 15 minutes everything from thoughts, accidentally came to a head, to the daily household expenses. This diary Fuller led 68 years! Now it is stored at Stanford University.

Nikola Tesla (1856 –  1943)


Thanks to him, we use many devices associated with alternating current, as well as fluorescent lamps. Tesla has patented more than 300 inventions!
But in real life?
Panic fear of infection: wash their hands dozens of times a day, not to touch the objects, which, in his opinion, “sat” germs. Nicholas was obsessed with the number 3. In the hotels, he always chose the room only, which were divided into 3 rooms without residue. For breakfast, he demanded to bring him exactly 9 9 napkins and pieces of bread. Inexplicably, he was also afraid of pearls, avoid touching the human hair and round objects. Tesla believed that he was in contact with aliens, and he also managed to fall in love with a dove. He publicly passed a current through itself to prove its safety, and said, if adopted broadcast from another planet, but he did it is likely to shock the audience.



Oliver Heaviside (1850 – 1925)
Oliver Heaviside has been one of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of the end of last and the beginning of this century. A very important figure for both physicists (predicted opening of the ionosphere), and mathematicians. We will not talk about his work, they are not for mere mortals. He graduated from the only junior high school, and all other knowledge got himself alone, without teachers, leading the life of a recluse. Among other things, he developed the concept of vector and vector analysis, and introduced the term for psevouchёnogo – sayntikulist / scienticulist.
But in real life?
He lived all his life to the point of need, and at the end of life, the past 8-10 years living in poverty. He led the life of a recluse, doing only science. Prone to solitude, he, if anyone there was a need to discuss with him a vague question, I tend to shy away from the meeting, preferring correspondence. He willingly and responded in detail to the letters in such detail that it could not interfere with his own scientific work, it is believed that he suffered from Hypergraphs – irrepressible desire to constantly write. Some of the surviving letters contain several thousand words! These letters are beautifully written, they have, in addition to research, more and literary value. In addition to the immediate family, Heaviside in his life he met only by very few people, and then, as a rule, in all but a few times.
Heaviside was constantly concerned about their nails and paint them in bright pink. He used blocks of granite instead of home furniture. Often I forget to eat and was fed only milk.

Antonio Gaudi (1852 – 1926)
Gaudi became an icon of architecture in Barcelona and around the world, despite the fact that he could not tolerate the drawing, and even failed this exam preparatory courses for admission to the Higher school of architecture. Often mention the fantastic abilities of Antonio Gaudi to build a house without blueprints, using only the outline created directly during operation. Interestingly, the architect of the unfinished building could not finish one else. At Gaudi had different eyes – one myopic, the other – far-sighted, but he did not like glasses. All of their projects, from the tiles on the pavement, benches and gates, and the Cathedral of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) Antonio designed in the form of original models, which with the help of mirrors turned into three-dimensional models. The layout of the future Temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, made up of hanging bags of sand, could “read” only today’s computers! Combining point-bags, the researchers obtained a spatial model of the cathedral. In addition, Gaudí invented his own unsupported ceilings system, and computer program appeared only after 100 years, is able to perform similar operations. It was a NASA program that calculates the trajectory of space flight …
But in real life?
As a young architect, he was an ardent anti-clerical, wore expensive clothes, followed the appearance. In recent years, the architect spent as a hermit, completely devoting all his strength and energy to the creation of the immortal Sagrada Familia. After severe illness Gaudi has changed dramatically for the worse. He walked into the sagging jackets and pants hung around the legs, which he wrapped in bandages from the cold … and no underwear! However, the cloak he had not changed, until it turned into rags. Eating great architect that stick in his hand on the go – a piece of bread, for example. If nothing is popped, and did not eat anything. When a very long time did not eat anything, then I went and began to die. But someone came from students, changed his clothes, fed … He did and never praised. In June day in 1926 allowed a tram in Barcelona. The driver then it will tell you what a tramp he threw him under the wheels. And three days later, this drifter, a great architect named Antonio Gaudi, burying the whole Barcelona.

William Buckland (1784 – 1856)
British geologist and paleontologist, member of the Royal Society of London, the Dean of Westminster Abbey. A graduate of Oxford and a contemporary of Charles Darwin. Buckland entered the history of science that he named and described the first public appearance of the dinosaurs – megalosaur.
But in real life?
His love for animals took bizarre forms, which is why his house was turned into a real zoo. William sought to have it included representatives of all kinds of animals – as it turned out, just to try them all to the taste, which he prepared dishes from a variety of creatures and treated these dishes guests. It was not only mammals but also meat flies, moths, and other “delicacies”. Guests are often fed panther, crocodile and mice. They say even that being a guest at a dinner with Lord Harcourt Nunheme in, he saw the heart of King Louis XIV in a silver vessel. Before such a temptation Buckland could not resist, saying, “Never before have I eaten the royal heart” in front of the shocked guests scientist he drew a cannibal, chewed and swallowed the heart of the king. The precious relic was lost forever.




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