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Physicians work not only in clinics

Who are the “Doctors without borders”? These are volunteers who work on the instructions of the non-governmental and non-profit organization “Doctors without Borders”. The purpose of the organization: assistance to people affected by natural disasters, epidemics and armed conflicts. The organization was founded in Paris in 1971, its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization sends more than three thousand volunteers annually in different countries of the world. Financing of “Doctors without Borders” at the expense of private donations. Volunteers have a salary, health insurance, personal expenses volunteer incurred in the performance of a particular task, are compensated. Often, volunteers working for the benefit of some countries, awarded honorary signs of the country and, just as often, the volunteer becomes a victim of a situation in which he found himself. In 1999, the activities of the organization “Doctors without Borders” was awarded the Nobel Prize.

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