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Letter of angry reader

Dear site administrator!

I can see how much time you give the development of your site, you publish new articles, and respond to readers’ letters, looking for photos and topics for discussion, as well as new and interesting design solutions for websites. I believe that a large part of life you spend on the Internet. I like modern man, too, sometimes I go to the Internet. But I must say that I do not share your admiration for this product of scientific and technological progress.

I will not discuss the topic of physical harm computers on living organisms such as cockroaches and rodents. This is a lot of written animal rights. I want to talk about moral (if you like, spiritual), the dangers of the Internet to the person. Let me give a few examples in defense of his own opinion.

1. Because of the internet people are terribly lazy. Not only physically, without getting out of the computer. But intellectually. Yes Yes! Ask a simple question: “How to get to the airport?” Answer: “Now look on the Internet.” I ask new questions: “Who wrote Capital Schwarzenegger Who is?” Answer: “Now look on the Internet.” Each of the answers hidden thoughts laziness, unwillingness to move and store information. Some online fans have become in these parasites. They manage without doing anything useful, and not leaving the house, even to make money through the Internet! These people obviously have forgotten that “labor created man.”

2. Because of the Internet, even eminent specialists in their field, such as:., Engineers, builders, scientists, trade workers and others lost what once was called broad-minded. Until recently, any good specialist bad versed in what they do related professionals, and almost all the extensive knowledge of politics, economics and medicine. Today, no one in anything does not understand (although one is sure that perfectly understands), and narrow specialist fumbling in his narrow specialty, not understanding what is happening around. Why? Missing horizons: the knowledge contained in the memory of man, not the computer, and hence the ability to think big. I would add that people with no horizons, terribly dull in communication (in the company).

3. Because of the Internet, we have lost some of the important achievements of the social plan, confine examples of the Russian Internet. We have just started to enjoy that sellers became polite, and almost disappeared profanity in public places and public transport. What do we see today? The sharp jump back, and a leader in this orgy netsenzurschiny – none other than the Internet! That there is a communication of the people in countless forums (for children under 18 is prohibited to read) or positions with complete disregard to the rules of grammar.

4. Another harmful impact of the Internet want to show on their own experience. Recently, I began to sleep badly! Why? We are surrounded by a variety of unpleasant events: the planet warming, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear power plants accident … I can not sleep when I think that this damn internet may one day disconnect!

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