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An orthodontic revolution for adults
Invisalign treatment consists of a series of custom-made transparent  aligners for your teeth. Each aligner must be worn for two weeks before  being replaced by the next in the series. Your teeth move little by  little until they are straightened and reach the final position  prescribed by your orthodontist.

Invisalign orthodontic treatment
Invisalign treatment involves between 18 to 36 aligners and lasts  about 4 to 24 months. For most adults, the treatment takes a little less  than one year. The Invisalign aligners move the teeth with great accuracy. You must always wear the aligners, except for eating and drinking.

Individual transparent Invisalign aligners
Invisalign aligners are custom made. They are made of a  high-strength thermoplastic material which adjusts perfectly to your  teeth. You must wear them for about two weeks before moving on to the  next set of aligners. It is not advisable to smoke as it may stain the aligners.

Don't forget
March 20 from 8:00 to 20:00

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Enjoy these benefits only this day
Only on this day:
Free medical consultation
-20% discount when signing this day of the contract for the installation of the invisible iNVISALIGN aligners

The Invisalign procedure is not cheap, 20% discount can be very interesting!

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